Closing Out 2015 And Entering 2016


I closed out December at TTAC by writing a response to the George Hotz self-driving car followed by a breakdown of how salvage cars make their way from an auction yard to a Craigslist listing. I had a chance to go to Red Bull Frozen Rush and had great time watching the race along with my own off-road adventure while in Maine.

I wrote up a 5,000 mile update on my 2016 Subaru WRX followed by a story on replacing airbags in salvage cars and a tale of a Scion sale as we found out that the brand would be shut down. I also covered the psychology of buying cars that are outside your immediate area and how some dealers take advantage. My most recent piece covers labor relations at the Fiat 500L factory in Kragujevac, Serbia and how the union is working to keep workers happy.

Over at Autoblog Open Road, I covered how damage disclosures work and why your new car may have been repaired without your knowledge. I also watched All Cars Go To Heaven 2 by The Smoking Tire crew and wrote up a short review there.

In other news, my brother recently started an aviation blog so please go check out The Daily Flyer and give him a follow on Twitter.

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