Honda Patents Virtual Reality System


Honda wants to get in your face and has received a patent for a virtual reality device that aims to do just that.  Honda is joining the likes of MINI and developing in-vehicle dynamic virtual reality that may work to assist the driver or to entertain passengers.

The patent comes out of the Silicon Valley Honda R&D lab that was established in 2011 to work on connected car technologies such as Google Android Auto and Apple Carplay.  The patent for the virtual reality device shows various uses for the driver and passengers.  The schematics show the device connected directly to the vehicle via CANBUS to receive information from vehicle sensors.  They may be going for a similar play as MINI to createa device that can augment the view for the driver and assist by providing additional data.  It may only be a basic framework but if the technology is developed I could see it providing a better view of the road that removes the A-Pillars or providing movement based entertainment for rear seat passengers.  The full text and diagrams of the patent can be found here.

[Photo Credit: Flickr]

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