Lincoln Dev Site Shows More Hints Of Upcoming Continental Concept

You may have seen how Patrick George of Jalopnik wrote the other day of a mystery website with information on an upcoming Lincoln Continental.  As usual, as soon as the link was published, the site went down.  After looking through some of the Lincoln beta sites we stumbled upon this site:

As you can see when you load the site, it shows a bunch of stock stand-in images of various VW car models and has the Continental name plastered right in the main slide show. There do not appear to be any images of this upcoming concept but what we also found interesting is that as shown in the image above, if you click Get Updates on the page, one of the options for Future Vehicles is Lincoln Continental.  Either this is a sample page in preparation for the concept reveal or they are getting ready to play the ultimate April Fool’s Joke.  Here is hoping for a big flagship V8 RWD sedan.  Screenshots of site below:



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