Month In Review: The Chevy Volt, Stolen Cars, and Faulty Airbags


I have covered a wide range of topics in the past few weeks, starting off with a discussion about advertised prices and what you will really pay for a new car on TTAC. That was followed by my experience with owning a salvage car and a case where Volkswagen sued researches to hide a key hacking flaw. I also did some research on fleet tracking for police cruisers after I noticed that a local cruiser had been stolen and that the police had to ask the public for help in locating it.

Back again on the car buying spectrum, I discussed how used vehicle prices drop as they sit on the lot and ways to track their time on the lot. General Motors is in a lot of trouble for the ignition switch fiasco and has vowed to improve their safety practices but I found that there are still many models with safety issues that they will not acknowledge including the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky which have a passenger airbag sensor that fails often.

Over at Autoblog OpenRoad I took a look at the Chevy Volt and what a battery replacement would really cost. I followed that up with a piece on keyless ignitions and why they may be more susceptible to theft compared to their keyed counterparts.

I also covered some of my previous cars and my path to automotive enlightenment over on Hooniverse.

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