November and December In Review


I have owned a 2016 Subaru WRX for about 2 months now and it has been a joy to drive. I wrote about my dilemma of choosing between the WRX and a Focus ST for TTAC and followed that up with a report of the buying experience. I have racked up right around 3600 miles and will have an update with my impressions coming soon.

The Volkswagen “Flow Straightener” was looked at as a gimmick by many so I wrote up an explainer on how it works and it’s function in a diesel EGR control strategy. I also took a look at title loan cars and picked a few examples that showed up at recent auctions. My latest for TTAC takes a look at the home-built autonomous car by George Hotz and its implications on the industry.

Road & Track gave me an opportunity to write a piece for them this month and I wrote about car soccer and its origins in Germany, Brazil, and the former Yugoslavia.  Check it out here.

I also did a piece for Autoblog Open Road about new cars and how disclosure laws may help some dealers hide repairs and defects. That piece can be found here.

Thanks for reading.

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